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Indy Food Trucks: Feed the Hunger

 Feed the hunger at your local Indy Food Truck and sample the goodness.

Food Trucks have become a regular site in Downtown Indianapolis, especially during the lunch hour. Feasting on your favorite meal or treat while enjoying the summer days and sunshine is also good for the soul.

The food trucks in Indianapolis gather throughout the city and neighboring communities regularly and for special events.

The original First Friday Food Truck Festival at the Old National Center offers fun times with local entertainment, boutique trucks, food trucks, friends and neighbors. Find out more about First Friday’s here and on their ...

Indypendence Day: July 4th Celebration in Indianapolis

Independence Day in Indianapolis

July 4th Indy Style

Indianapolis is home to a warm and festive 4th of July celebration. A great treat for everyone is the spectacular fireworks display in Downtown Indianapolis which can be seen from all around the city. However, the celebrations don’t stop there. During Independence Day, the streets of Indianapolis come alive with concerts, festivals and of course, plenty of food and drinks for everyone. Almost every single space in the city is occupied with events where you can sit back, relax and enjoy day.

So whether you’re looking for a relaxed picnic on the lawn or ready for an all-day music concert you can rock to, Indianapolis has events for everyone. Here are some of the best events you can...

Aqua Awesome: A Guide to Indy's Best Public Pools

Swimming Pool

Cool down the summer heat with Indiana’s Best Public Pools

Summer is here and the heat is on, so what better way to spend a lazy summer day than to have your family cool off with a dip in the pool. Good thing there are many places to visit for a dip. Here are some of them.

There are no shortage of convenient YMCA centers with pools that not only offer recreational activities, but also training for your kids. In Indianapolis, you can enjoy Arthur Baxter YMCA’s two outdoor pools with a zero-depth entry wading pool. It also offers a double flume slide and eight lanes where you and your kids can train and swim laps in. If you would enjoy more in a private area, they also have an indoor pool.


Drive In Movie Theaters in Indianapolis

Indianapolis Drive In Theaters

Drive-In Movie Theaters in Indianapolis

There used to be a time when the drive-in theatre represented the golden age of watching movies. Indianapolis used to be teeming with these great theaters with once being home to as many as 20. Sadly, the indoor comforts of cinemas have killed off most drive-in theaters with just around 350 still existing in the whole United States. However, there are still a few who cling onto the nostalgia and romance of the drive-in movies.

With just a few remaining places left in and around Indianapolis, you can still find places to re-live all the old- fashioned cinema experiences of yesteryear. So whether you’re taking your entire family out for a movie night, or trying to capture the old, romantic feel by bringing a date along with...

Going Local With Food Clubs and Co-ops in Indy

Indianapolis Food Co-Ops

The great American conundrum of food and nutrition is balancing the quality of what we eat with the weekly budget, but the fact is; there are options. Indianapolis is home to a variety of CSAs and co-ops which make eating better, well...better. Often these options are more affordable and certainly the food is closer to home.

Food co-op vs. CSA?

Co-ops, or cooperatives, are food production groups which are locally-owned and monitored by the people who shop and work there.

Specifically, food co-ops in Indy are small grocery stores which usually provide organic and natural food in season. These stores establish relationships with nearby farms to supply various products such as dairy, meat, and produce. Many co-ops...

Creating a Private Refuge at Home

Privacy at Home

Even the most social of people needs a moment to themselves every now and again. A radius of roughly 18 inches surrounding the body is considered, on a psychological level, to be one's personal space. Beyond this, the need for privacy is one that affects all humans.

And yet, from nosey neighbors, to crowded urban areas, to the tabloid with bold, invasive headlines, we live in a world hell-bent on violating that privacy.

You home, then, should be your refuge. Within your proverbial four walls, you should be safe from intrusion. Yet, according to a 2014 Yale study, a whopping third of neighbors admit to spying, so if you live in any kind of subdivision, the reality is someone is looking. Now, I think we all peer through the blinds from time to time, but...

Your Home and Appliances of the Future

Appliances of the Future

There was a time when the gadgets of science fiction were just the imaginings of inventive authors. But, if history has taught us anything it is that fiction predates fact. Engineers and inventors regularly take to the drawing board to bring to life the far- fetched technology of the future. You can thank sci-fi loving nerds for flat screen televisions, virtual reality, and smart phones.

The modern home of the 21st century is increasingly filled with items that were once the realm of the Jetsons or the starship Enterprise and the Smart Home is the trend of the future.

The Roomba has been on the market for several years now, terrifying countless domestic cats. It was among the first domestic robots to become mainstream. Samsung introduced...

The Process of Dealing With Aging Parents Estate

Preparing for Parents Estate

As I was researching resources for people dealing with their parents estate, I came across the unfortunately truncated title above. Look, I know that having parents in transition can be overwhelming, but honestly. It doesn’t have to come to that! In reality, the process is nothing so dire, but being the child or children designated to handle your parents belongings when they are no longer able can and will make one want to pull their hair out.

I am someone who has done the work of purging 30+ years of my parents household after my mom died and my dad moved out of their 2,500 square foot house. I know that the work of having to sort through every paper and picture, every tool and book can be both physically and mentally staggering. But I also know that it can...

Home Decor: Creative Kids Bedrooms

Childs Bedroom

Fun Bedroom Ideas for Your Kids

Decorating your child’s bedroom can be a great way to give kids a fun and imaginative world to live in while also providing parents with a place to spend time with the family and relieve stress.

Below are some of the simple ways to turn the kid’s bedroom into a wonderland full of fun and excitement. If you get to release your inner child along the way, so much the better

Arts and Crafts Time!

Turn the walls of your kid’s bedroom into a living art gallery.

  1. Paint one wall with magnetic paint
  2. Buy a bunch of neat looking frames from Goodwill or garage sales. Spray paint them a variety of fun colors which match your child’s...

Holistic Houseplants for Your Home

Holistic housplants

Your home should be a sanctuary, but this may not be the case. Unseen toxins and dirt can pollute the air in your home, putting you and your family at increased risk for getting sick and feeling tired and stressed. Chief among them, surprisingly, is formaldehyde. Many common household items from plastic dishware, to hair care products and air fresheners contain this chemical.

Just as plants are vital to the atmosphere of the planet, so too can they help to make your home healthier.

In addition to removing chemicals, plants release nearly all of the moisture they take in, naturally raising the humidity in your home, and lowering the risk of coughs and dry skin. Studies have show that patients in hospital rooms with green plants recovered faster and needed less pain medication...

Indy's Best Local Grinds for the Perfect Cup of Coffee

Coffe Beans

For the Coffee-lover: Indy’s Local Grinds

For many coffee lovers, functioning properly without their morning cup of Joe is too tall an order. Brewing coffeein the morning can feel like an art for some, but for others it’s a way of life. So, for your home-brewed cup, Indianapolis is home to a number of roasters who have taken years perfecting their craft and creating their own distinct flavor. The result is a plethora of options for the most eye-opening beans, each with their own unique mixture of delicate aromas and taste.

You don’t have to look far to get a taste of the world’s finest coffee beans. These roasters use only the ripest and highest quality beans from all around the globe to create their specialty roasts...

Simple Tricks for Sprucing Up Your Home

Spring Spruce

Five Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home

It’s never easy to plan for home improvements, it usually takes a lot of time and a lot more money. Various seemingly minor repairs can sky-rocket a bill pretty quickly. For the savvy homeowner, there are still plenty of ways to make big changes in your home without having to blow up your wallet. Small improvements in and around the house can make a huge impact, improve the curb appeal and raise the value of your home. So if you’re looking for a quick fix that will leave a lasting impression, here are a number of ways you can give your house an extreme makeover on a less than extreme budget. Here are five of the best home improvement tips you can try to make your house stand out.

Designer Doorway


Spring Guide to the Indianapolis Theatre Scene

It's probably not too late to get tickets to a show this week at one of the many fine Indianapolis area theatres. But if you like to plan ahead, we have your spring guide to the stage covered right here.


What's hot in Indy? Check out the schedule and ticket information for the upcoming spring season.

Civic Theatre

Booth Tarkington Civic Theatre is wrapping up their Centennial Season! Don't miss the final show of the season.

Monty Python's Spamalot

Lovingly ripped off from the classic comedy film Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Spamalot retells the legend of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table in the irreverent signature style of Monty Python. Set to an upbeat score with clever lyrics and plot twists, Spamalot...

How to Buy a House with No Credit Score

Good credit is necessary for easily securing a home mortgage. But what if you don't have a credit score?


First things first: most people do have a credit score. If you have debt of some kind, like a school loan or credit card, then you automatically have a credit score. Mortgage lenders will check your credit score as part of the underwriting process of deciding whether or not to loan you money.

There is a small but mighty segment of the population who have a goal of living debt free. This means they pay cash for major purchases, don't use credit cards, and have paid off all prior debts. Sounds good, right?

For instance, people who follow Dave Ramsey's financial plan will pay off all their debt, save money and pay...

Perfect Indianapolis Date Night Ideas for Empty Nesters

Your empty nest may come furnished with a variety of emotions: relief, sadness, joy, loneliness, excitement.

This time of life can feel quiet one moment, and extremely busy and fulfilling the next. You might be selling your home or moving to a different neighborhood. Perhaps you're traveling and visiting old friends. If you're a settled empty nester, you might be looking to reignite the passion with your spouse and spend more time together.


We've put together a few ideas for the perfect Indianapolis date night, just for you empty nesters. Whether you're planning a double date with old friends, or celebrating your 30th wedding anniversary, you'll find a great plan right here.

Brewery Tours for Beer Lovers 

Enjoy a casual...

How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Venue

Here at Home to Indy, we work with a lot of newly-engaged couples looking to purchase their first home. It's such an exciting time in their lives, and we love being part of it! 

If wedding bells are in your near future, you’re likely looking for just the right spot to say your “I dos.” With all the options out there, it can sometimes be overwhelming to select the right venue. Below you’ll find some questions to consider as that will help you pick your perfect location.


1. Do we have to invite great aunt Martha’s son I’ve never met?

The first place to start is with your guest list. You and your fiancé need to make a list of the people you want to witness your nuptials. If you’re sending out...

How to Have a Wildly Successful Garage Sale

When families move, they often take the opportunity to go sort through their belongings. Oftentimes, they will find that they own more than they realized, so a garage sale ensues.

If you're looking to get rid of some clutter, hosting a garage sale is a great way to do that while actually making some money! Here are a few tips that will help you put on a successful garage sale.


The Planning Process

Planning is probably the most important part of the process. You want to have a good inventory of items, whether it’s clothes, toys, or random other things you want to sell. Garage sales are only as good as the products in stock. Also, keep in mind that it’s always a good idea to look into restrictions in your area or the covenants in your neighborhood....

Where to Find a Wedding Dress in Indianapolis

You’ve got the ring, the date, and the perfect groom. Now you just have to find the perfect dress. Whether you’ve watched every episode of Say Yes to the Dress and think you know exactly what you want or have absolutely no idea, wedding dress shopping is a treat. Check out the following stores below to guide your perfect dress wedding search right in Indianapolis.


Alfred Angelo

Located: Castleton

Alfred Angelo accommodates walk-ins if they have fitting rooms and consultants available. They carry wedding dresses sized from 0-30W and have a 15% discount with a valid military ID. Their Dream in Color collection allows you to add a splash of color with a palette of 60 shades to your dress...

7 Ideas and Tools to Help You Create a Family Budget

The hardest part of creating a family budget is knowing where to start, and actually getting started. There are so many tools, methods, and advice for how to do this, that we decided to do a roundup of some of the best.


But first, why should you have a family budget? says it simply: "It's important to look household finances squarely in the eye, because that's the only way to control them; otherwise, they control you."

A budget helps your family save for future plans, from an overseas family vacation, to a college fund, kitchen remodel, or retirement. A budget is also useful for paying down debt and building an emergency fund.

Getting Started: Pick Your Financial Guru


4 Wine Bars in Indianapolis You Didn't Know Existed

Wine bars put a new spin on wine tasting by providing a casual, relaxed atmosphere. Whether you are wanting a quiet corner of the world for a romantic date or a long talk with friends, a wine bar is the perfect spot! Order an appetizer and linger while you sip some flavors of the finest wines from around the world.

Thankfully, we have several wine bars to choose from here in Indy. Here are a few of our favorites that you might not even know existed.


Tastings - A Wine Experience

With over 200 wines in stock, Tastings offers the entire selection by the taste, by the glass and by the bottle. Every bottle is sold at retail price...

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