Selling an Indianapolis Area Home

Showing Feedback  and Appointments


Selling Your Indianapolis Home? - Automated Home Feedback and Appointment System GUARANTEES to Keep You Informed

We use Centralized Showings to provide our clients Home Feedback and Appointment setting with ease. This is just one of the ways we provide you with a much better home selling experience ending with the results you need. 


Showings Scheduled

With one centralized number for agents who want to show your home, Centralized Showings makes it a breeze. You will be contacted by phone, email or text when someone wants to schedule a showing on your home. You can accept by simply responding with the same method. Centralized showings then contacts the agent with approval. All showings are recorded in your account.


Showing Feedback

Here's how it works:

Each time your property is shown to a prospective buyer, the details of the showing are recorded in our Centralized showing account, where both us and you receive notification. The system then automatically follows up with each showing agent up to four times to solicit his buyer's comments on your home. Once received, these comments are automatically entered into the system. 

As my client, you will receive private online access to the Home Feedback System: 

  • View all feedback responses to-date 

  • View statistics summarizing all feedback to-date 

  • View the status of pending feedback 

  • View comments posted on activity that we have done to help sell your home 

  • E-mail us directly  

What does this mean for you? 

  • You can accept appointments from anywhere you are, without having to play phone tag.

  • You'll get immediate direct feedback from prospective buyers of your home allowing us to correct any misconceptions about your home or improve on problems with the way your home shows BEFORE they impact negatively on the sale of your home. 

  • The system logs all the agents of prospective buyers that have seen your property. I use this to instantly email every agent that has shown your home to let them know when we are about to receive an offer. This can lead to multiple offers and increase your profit. 

  • I can also use the system to let other agents know about any changes in your listing. After all, what good is a marketing change if nobody knows about it? 

  • Feedback is always available to you (24 hours a day). You'll never feel like you are "out of the loop". 

  • Not only will you get far superior customer service, but your home will sell faster and at a higher price.  

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When selling your Indianapolis home, choose an Indianapolis Realtor you can trust.

Indianapolis Realtor Paula Henry and The Home to Indy Team have both the professional experience you need and the personal touch you desire. Her extensive experience and hands-on approach will help you get your home ready to sell, find you a buyer, and get you the best price for your home.