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Foreclosure Help in Indianapolis

What is Foreclosure?

Foreclosure is the name given to the process where a lender “repossesses” a property due to non-payment of the mortgage.

Foreclosure in Indiana is a judicial process. Generally speaking, after 90 days of no mortgage payment, the lender will file with the courts for a foreclosure action. Within 90 days from that point, there will be a "Sheriff's Sale".

Foreclosure can happen to anyone

Overwhelmingly, non-payment of a mortgage is usually due to a sudden loss of income, perhaps from the loss of a job, or maybe a sudden illness in the family. Very rare is it the case where someone just doesn’t want to pay – losing one’s home is something that nobody wants to go through.

The first thing to understand if you are going through foreclosure is that you do have rights and options. It’s important that you understand the process, and what is involved.

Help is available

I can help you if you are facing Foreclosure in Indiana and need a short sale specialist. I am experienced in the Short Sale process, and can help you during this trying time. Consider your options to foreclosure. If a short sale is the answer for you, contact me and we'll discuss your specific situation.

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