Selling an Indianapolis Area Home

Marketing Your Home to Sell

There is no secret to marketing homes in the real estate industry. Every Realtor® has access to the same programs, websites, online platforms, and advertising outlets. The truth is not everyone utilizes all the tools available to them. All Realtor® marketing is not created equally.

The Home to Indy Team takes our marketing to a whole new level. We are committed to staying in the forefront of what is happening in the real estate industry and the effect online marketing creates for both the home seller and the home buyer. We know it takes more than a sign, a lockbox, an MLS listing and a St. Joseph Statue.

What Homebuyers Want

Today's home buyer has access to more information than at any other time in history and each day there is more content available at the click of a mouse. Statistics tell us almost 90% of homebuyers start their search online. What are they looking for when they are searching? They will look for neighborhood specific information, city statistics, travel times, amenities and pictures.

Yes, home buyers want pictures!
As a matter of fact, I have seen buyer after buyer zoom past homes with few or no pictures.  Today, pictures need to be high quality, which is very simple and should be expected. The Indianapolis MLS allows us to include up to 24 pictures for each property. The key features of your home should be highlighted.

Marketing...More Than Pictures

Yes, it takes a bit more than pictures to get the job done, and we have a plan for that, as well.

Specific marketing activities to sell your home begin the moment you sign the lIsting agreement. From installing the "For Sale" sign to internet marketing, we are constantly working to sell your home. Our proven marketing plan is designed to expose your home to as many potential buyers as possible - making them aware of the key features and benefits of your home.

In order to receive top dollar for your home, you need preparation and top marketing exposure. Our marketing includes both online and offline efforts. Invite us over to evaluate your home and discuss our complete marketing plan with you.

Property Description and Details

There is much more to a home description than the number of bedrooms and baths. Not only does the description need to be compelling, it needs to be accurate. We believe in the power of the written word to make your home come alive to a potential buyer. Our goal is to appeal to the senses, to create a picture of a home someone would like to visit.

The information also needs to be accurate, including the map, school, township, zip code, etc. We never know what a buyer's criteria for searching may be. The interior amenities should include as much detail as possible. 

We would love the opportunity to interview for the job of selling your home, You can reach us at 317-605-4174. 

More Information About Selling Your Indianapolis Home

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